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6 Quick Flower Photography Tips For Florists

Flowers and Photography

It seems like the two just go together. We buy flowers based on photos in a book or online, we photograph them at weddings, and florists brag about their talent with pictures of prior work. Most florists would like to have a portfolio, but don’t feel confident enough to do it themselves. It’s not hard to make professional-looking flower photos, but it does take practice.

Flower Photography Tips

Here are a few hints that will make your photos sparkle.

  • Use natural light. That means sunlight coming into your shop. Many shops have fluorescent lighting, and believe it or not, your camera will see it as ugly, green light. Cameras see incandescent lighting as harsh yellow-red. If you have fluorescent or incandescent lighting, turn it off and just use the light coming through the window. Experiment by placing the arrangement closer or farther away from the light source, and by turning the arrangement until the light produces the most flattering effect. Side-lighting from above produces a nice effect.
  • Turn your flash off. Most flashes will blow out the detail in light-colored flowers, and make them look like blobs of white. Let the natural light cast shadows to enhance the texture of the flowers.
  • Use a tripod. Lower light levels (natural light and no flash) make using a tripod mandatory. Your camera will adjust to the lower light level by using a longer exposure; that equals camera-shake and fuzzy pictures if you try to hold the camera in your hand.
  • Use an uncluttered background. I like to place the arrangement on an end table or dresser and use a painted wall as the background. Make the arrangement look like it’s in a home setting. Avoid photographing the arrangement on your design table. There’s too much clutter in the foreground and background, so your arrangement will get lost.
  • Use photo-enhancing software. I like Adobe Elements. Very seldom will a photo be good enough to publish straight from the camera. Color balance, contrast and sharpness usually need a tweak or two. If you don’t have the software, try to work out a trade with a local photographer.
  • Use a good photo printer and good photo paper. Most everyday printer paper will cause the ink to bleed and make the colors look thin. That can ruin a good shot. If you’re going to publish your photos on a website, make sure to reduce the file size. This will make the photo upload faster, and open faster for your customer.

It may sound daunting, but after you’ve done a few it will become second-nature. If you’d like to discuss your work, send me a copy.   I’d love to hear from you.

Dan is the owner of Blumen Garten Florist in Columbus, OH  and has been in the floral business for 10 years, and has been a photographer for 23 years.  Dan is a member of Florists For Change, and serves on the Liaison Committee.  You may contact Dan at the shop at 877.451.1299, or by email at dhamil6490@aol.com

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  1. A friend came in the shop looking for a custom sympathy piece for his brother. Describing his brother as a NASCAR fan, a bud light drinker, and most important, an avid deer hunter and outdoors man, he wanted the piece to reflect one of these. Fortunately we have some amazing stores in the area that cater to our local hunters. Cost was limited but we wanted to make something very special for our dear friend. A grapevine wreath with assorted greens, few flowers and the focal point-a metal coat hanger with deer and tree silhouettes. Our designer Carole, made a beautiful tribute for the deer hunter. The common bond between these brothers was displayed beautifully.

    Attached Image: Tribute for Deer Hunter.jpg

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