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Tree Philodendron Basic Houseplant Care

Tree Philodendron Plant Care:

Tree Philodendron (Philodendron selloum) are very popular indoor and outdoor plants as they are attractive and require only moderate attention to care. Tree Philodendron exhibit much versatility. These plants can be seen thriving in a range of locations such as near swimming pools or livening up a large room.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Light Requirements

Tree Philodendron flourish best in bright filtered or indirect light. However, the Tree Philodendron is an excellent houseplant that is able to thrive in the partial shade of the indoors.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Water Requirements

The Tree Philodendron (Philodendron selloum) is commonly a tropical plant, which enjoys a moist environment. The soil surrounding the Tree Philodendron must be kept moist but without over-saturating or drying out. Water the plant freely during the growing season; spraying or wiping the leaves often with a damp cloth. During the summer, mist the Tree Philodendron leaves twice daily but water sparingly during the winter. Misting can be done with a spray water bottle or even an electric room humidifier.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Fertilizer Requirements

The Tree Philodendron does well with a well-balanced fertilizer. Grow the philodendron in a soilless potting mix, adding a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly. Even for larger trees, take care not to over-fertilize your plant as this can lead to leaf burn.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Pests and Diseases

Though pests are not normally problematic for the Tree Philodendron, common pests include insects and fungal problems. Typical fungal problems may include dasheen mosaic virus, scale, root rot, and fungal and bacterial leaf spots. Insects may include mealy bugs, scale insects, and spider mites.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Propagation and Potting

The Tree Philodendron should be layered or air layered in spring. Also in the spring, sow the seed at 66-75­F. Stem root or leaf bud cuttings should be taking during the summer.

Take care to plant your Tree Philodendron in an area that allows much room for growth. Even small specimen will become quite large if given proper care.

Tree Philodendron Plant Care: Interesting Facts

Ingestion of any part of the Tree Philodendron (Philodendron selloum) may cause severe discomfort. Contact with sap may cause skin irritation.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) list of poisonous houseplants, most philodendron including Tree Philodendron are poisonous to many domestic animals such as cats.