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Flower Power: The Benefits of Sending Flowers

Whether you’re stuck at home, social distancing, or just want to send a little sunshine to a loved one, flowers are a great place to start. Local florists are still ready to help you spread cheer to those you love or brighten up your own living space. No matter the reason, one thing’s for sure–flowers make people feel better!

Ease the Stress

Did you know that flowers can help soothe anxiety? According to a Harvard study, people feel less stressed and more compassionate when they are around flowers. During this time when stress is at an all-time high, flowers are a great source of comfort. Why not send a gorgeous bouquet of fresh daisies or tulips to spread a little fresh air to those stuck inside? Or order some for yourself! Everyone deserves a little pick-me-up right now, so treat yourself and others.

Work from Home

Feeling less than productive while you’re doing your job from home? Flowers can help! In an eight-month study by Harvard, it was shown that workers’ creative performance and problem-solving skills improved substantially in a workplace that included flowers and plants. Working from home can be distracting, to say the least. Bring back your focus and buy some beautiful flowers or a plant from your local florist to keep on your desk in your home office.

Boost Emotional Health

Flowers are a natural mood-booster and can help you keep connecting while practicing social distancing. In a ten-month behavioral study by Rutgers, it was found that flowers have an “immediate impact on happiness,” regardless of age group, and that flowers have long-term positive effects on mood. Participants reported feeling less depressed, anxious, and agitated after receiving flowers, and a greater sense of life satisfaction. That’s some powerful stuff.

Support Local Businesses

By sending flowers, you’re not only spreading happiness and cheer to your loved ones. You’re also helping a local business in their hour of need. Small businesses are the backbone of your community, so don’t forget to support them when they need it most!

Many local florists are offering no-contact delivery and curbside pickup during this time for the safety and health of their customers. Be sure to contact your local florist to see what options they may have!


  1. When we’re trapped inside, rushing around going nowhere and spring hasn’t fully sprung, we DO need some nice flowers to keep us sane.

    Thanks for the scholarly articles, they are very interesting.

  2. As you all know flowers are attract people it is the best gift to send on any occasion if you have to sent on birthday anniversary, wedding or even sympathy flowers, it plays all role as per the situation.
    If you express your feeling with someone just sent beautiful flowers to, without any word it expresses all the details. you share a beautiful topic here nice post

  3. Flowers always help in relaxing moods. when you are alone or in full stress, if around flowers are available then you always feel happy and relax the mind. All Flowers are full of positive vibes. Thanks for share this post.

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