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Flower Shop Network Celebrates Petal It Forward

FSN Celebrates Petal It Forward

Flower Shop Network was extremely proud to be part of this year’s #PetalItForward event organized by the Society of American Florists. Seeing the smile on people’s faces as they received flowers was truly the highlight of the day. It was a beautiful reminder of how much happiness a simple rose can bring into a person’s life.

Petal It Forward at FSN

The FSN Marketing team first started by organizing the different color roses, cutting the stems and putting them in water tubes to make sure they would survive the quest. We then began to spread some love around the office, giving people two different color roses. One for them and another one to give to someone else : )

Petal It Forward at the Police Station

Once we got done handing out flowers at the office, it was time to give back to the community. We handed some roses out to the officers and staff at the local police station. We were so shocked to see the reaction of all the male officers when they saw the roses. We know men like flowers too, but this definitely proved it!

Petal It Forward at the Fire Station

After handing out roses at the police station, we moved on to the fire department. The faces of all the firefighters lit up as they saw us come in with roses. It was wonderful to see how a small gesture can lift someone’s spirit and make their day even better.


November is the month of giving, so be sure to contact your local florist and send flowers to your friends and family. Let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life!

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