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Flower Spotlight: Aster

For those of you who didn’t know, Aster is the flower of September. The blooms in the Aster genus are daisy-like and have grown continuously since ancient times. Want to learn more about the star looking flower? Keep reading!


The name Aster derives from the Greek word “star,” referring to the shape of the flower. According to ancient Greek mythology, the god Jupiter, frustrated by the actions of men, decided to flood the earth to destroy all evil. The goddess Astraea, upset by Jupiter’s decision, asked to be turned into a star. After the waters receded, she realized the number of people killed and wept because of the immense loss. Her tears, as they fell to touch the earth, created what we know now as the beautiful Aster.

In ancient times, people believed that burning Aster leaves could drive serpents away from any space. Also, the French believed that placing the flower on the graves of the fallen soldiers symbolized that the living wished things could have turned out differently.



Asters come in a variety of colors, but the meaning remains the same – patience and elegance.

Asters are perennial and pet-friendly.

New England Asters and New York Asters are the main groups of Asters.

Some Aster species are drought resistant.

Asters have a vase life of up to two weeks when cut.




The genus Aster is made up of around 600 species of flowering plants. They usually bloom in late summer and fall, but some can be found all year. This flower is the perfect addition to floral arrangements and centerpieces for any special occasion. Be sure to contact your local florist to check availability!


  1. El aster es una de esas flores que siempre deberíamos tener en la floristería, porque además de su belleza, es de las pocas flores azules en estado natural, y hay muchos clientes que tienen el azul como color preferido.

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