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Flower Spotlight: Chamelacium

While single blooms are very popular, flower clusters make beautiful bouquets. Chamelaucium is a great example of these flowering shrubs!

Origins and Symbolism
Chamelaucium is a genus of about 30 species. This plant is native to the southwestern part of Australia and was first discovered by the French botanist René Louiche Desfontaines. This shrub produces blooms with waxy-feel petals and are commonly known as waxplants or waxflowers.

Waxplants are often associated with riches and enduring wealth. Their long lasting blooms make them a symbol of lasting success and often a sign of endless love or patience.

To Consider
Waxplants grow in any season and many are drought resistant. Over watering this plant may cause decay. This shrub grows in heathland areas on sand near the coast or inland in Australia. For warmer climates, well balanced sandy soil tends to give the best growth possible. If soil does not contain sand it can certainly be added. Chamelaucium is not toxic and safe to plant in any garden.

Waxfloweres come in a variety of different colors such as white, pink, lavender and even bi-color. The vase life of waxflowers when cut is 7-10 days and they make great fillers in hand tied bouquets, arrangements, boutonnieres, etc.

Head to your local florist and when asking for an arrangement tell them to use waxflowers as fillers. You will fall in love with these tiny, five-petaled blooms!

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