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Flower Spotlight: Cockscomb

Cockscomb is a beautiful and colorful bloom that brightens even the darkest of places! The variety of colors in which this flower is found is incredibly versatile and fitting for any gift-giving occasion. Keep reading to learn more about this stunning portrayal of nature!

Origin & Symbolism

Celosia cristata, also known as cockscomb, is an annual dicotyledon plant growing in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and India. Celosia derives from the Greek word “burning”, which refers to the flame-like flower shape. They symbolize silliness and affection, making them a perfect addition to flower arrangements and bouquets for friends and siblings!


Cockscomb is also known as brain celosia, wool flower, red fox, and in China ‘chi kuan’, where it is known to be highly cultivated.

In Nigeria, cockscomb is known as soko and is one of the most important leafy vegetables in the region.

Celosia flowers have a vase life of 5-14 days. Once dry, this bloom can be used to create stunning floral pieces to display as home or office decor.


Cockscomb blooms from late summer to late fall and can be found in bright yellows, orange, red, pink, and purple. They are scent-free and strikingly beautiful! You can have a stunning arrangement with only celosia flowers or mix them up with other scented blooms for a sweeter fragrance. Your options are endless!


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