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Flower Spotlight: Daffodils

Spring marks the rebirth of nature! It is the season in which we see bright colored blooms, like daffodils, come to life once again. Let’s start the season by learning more about the beautiful flower of March!

Origin & Symbolism

Daffodils are native to North America, the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. They are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, therefore symbolize “rebirth.” Other meanings are uncertainty, respect, unrequited love, regard, chivalry, modesty and faithfulness.

There is a Greek myth that talks about a beautiful boy named Narcissus. As you may know or for those who don’t, narcissus is another name widely used for this flower instead of daffodil. The myth says that this boy was so in love with himself that he just didn’t care about anyone else, he was indifferent to their emotions. The rejection to connect with people angered the gods, so they cursed him to one day fall in love and not have that love returned. The curse was fulfilled when one day, Narcissus, walked by a pool and unexpectedly saw an image looking back at him. It was his own reflection he saw but failed to recognize it. Lost in grief for not being able to fulfill his love, it’s been said, Narcissus laid next to the pool and “disappeared into the underworld.” People looked for him but all they found was a yellow flower, a daffodil, next to the pool where he last laid.

To Consider

The ASPCA says that daffodils are toxic to dogs, cats and horses. According to them, the bulbs are the most poisonous part. If ingested by any of your pets they could cause vomit, diarrhea, low blood pressure and even convulsions.

Even though daffodils are highly toxic when ingested by humans, scientists in the medical industry have found a way to properly extract compounds, such as narciclasine and galantamine, which help fight brain cancer and Alzheimer’s.


Daffodils are most commonly found in the color yellow, other varieties have accents in colors white, lime green, pink and orange. They make beautiful hand-tied bouquets! Put some daffodils in a clear glass vase with other “spring looking” flowers to make a beautiful arrangement to brighten your home. The narcissus bloom usually grows from March to May, take advantage of the season and get your hands on this beauty!

Visit your local florist, you will find not only daffodils but many more astonishing blooms! If undecided as to what arrangement or flower to gift, ask for advice! The best part of dealing with your local florist is the personalized attention.  Check out our Bloomin’ Blog for more tips and ideas!


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