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Flower Spotlight: Gerber Daisies

For this month’s spotlight, in honor of the first official day of spring on March 20th, we are highlighting the Gerber Daisy or Gerbera. Gerberas received their name from the German botanist and naturalist Traugott Gerber who died at the age of 33 in 1743. Exactly why this flower received Gerber’s name remains a mystery.

AvailabilityCelebrate the Day

The Gerber Daisy is kept on-hand at most flower shops, and is easily accessible year round. It is a popular flower, and so growers make it a priority, allowing florists to keep their stock levels high. It is a bright and colorful flower, blooming in every color except true blues and purples, and is the perfect gift for a first date or just to brighten someone’s day!


These beautiful blooms will last a week or more in the vase, and so are excellent for fresh-flower bouquets. As with all cut flowers, in order to keep them looking fresh as long as possible you’ll want to keep them away from doorways or other areas of the home that will experience dramatic changes in temperature. If you want to pot them yourself, they prefer evenly moist soil, but not overly wet.

MeaningGerber Daisies

  1. Innocence – A meaning associated with all varieties of daisy.
  2. Purity – Another meaning attributed to all varieties of daisy.
  3. Cheerfulness – This one is specific to the Gerbera and is derived from the vast spectrum of colors in which this flower is available. A handful of brightly colored gerberas will lift anyone’s spirits!

There’s no need to search for a concrete reason to send these gorgeous flowers, they are wonderful for any occasion or no occasion at all!

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