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Flower Spotlight: Lilac

When people think of blooms with exquisite scent, roses are always the first ones to come to mind. What you didn’t know is that lilacs are right there with roses when it comes to fragrance.  They are beautiful, colorful and full of meaning!

Origins & Symbolism

Syringa vulgaris is the scientific name for lilacs. They are native to Europe and Asia but can be found in many parts of North America. In Victorian times, lilacs were worn by widows as reminders of the love they once shared with their husbands, symbolizing life after death. Now, lilacs are known to represent confidence and youthful innocence, making them a perfect addition to flower arrangments for your first love.

Color Meanings

White: Innocence and Purity
Violet: Spirituality
Pink: Friendship and Love
Magenta: Passion
Purple: First Love
Blue: Tranquility

Did You Know?

Most varieties of lilacs bloom for only about three weeks in spring except for Josee and Bloomerang types.

Thomas Jefferson loved lilacs and wrote about them often in his gardening book.

Lilac bushes can survive extreme cold weather.

There’s an annual Lilac Festiva in Rochester, NY. This is the largest festival in North America with non-stop festivities.


Lilacs are a popular choice for brides planning weddings in spring. Not only do they create beautiful bouquets and centerpieces but are great garnishes in food and drinks too! You are able to admire this flower’s beauty while giving your tastes buds something to think about! If you’re thinking about adding them to dishes, be sure to get organically grown lilacs.

Want to send this beauty to a loved one? An arrangement of lilacs alone showcases not only grace but elegance and beauty. Head to your local florist for availability of this flawless and enchanting bloom!

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