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Flower Spotlight: Peony

A favorite among brides and home gardeners alike, Peonies are an old-fashioned flower that never fall out of style. Peonies have sweetly scented blossoms and are easier to grow than most realize.


Peonies are native to Europe, Asia, and Western North America. In China, Peonies have been reported as far back as 1000 BCE, and some species can still found growing wild. The name Peony comes from the Greek. Paeon was a physician to the Greek gods. It is said that Zeus transformed him into the Peony flower after he was threatened by his teacher, Asclepius.


Each culture is different and the meaning of the Peony changes depending on which culture is viewing it. In China, the name for Peony means beautiful, and they represent wealth, honor, and prosperity. In the Western culture, Peonies represent good fortune and a happy marriage, which is one reason for their popularity as wedding flowers. In Victorian times, they stood for bashfulness or shamefulness because it was said that nymphs would crawl into the petals of Peonies to hide.

Photo Courtesy: Shadeland Flower Shop


Fun Facts

Peonies can live to be 100 years old when taken care of properly.

Peony roots were used for medicinal purposes and were grown as herbs before they became popular for their flowers.

Peonies prefer cooler climates and require a chilling period in the winter for bud formation.

Ants love Peonies and are very beneficial for them! Ants are attracted to the nectar in Peony buds. When they crawl in the flower to get nectar, it helps the bud open. Ants also help keep pests away.


Peonies bloom from late spring to early summer. They have a relatively short blooming season, which makes them a very coveted flower. Unlike most flowers, they are generally only available from March to late June. While your florist may be able to find them at other times of the year, they won’t be at their best.

June is almost over, so if you’re wanting to get your hands on these beauties, visit your local florist today!

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