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Flower Spotlight: Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is an icon of Christmas and can be found in many homes across the United States during the holidays. Do you know why the Poinsettia is associated with Christmas? Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful flower and how it became so popular!

Fun Facts

  • Poinsettias are highly sought after during Christmas, with more than $200 million in sales every holiday season.
  • Poinsettias can reach a height of sixteen feet.
  • Poinsettia flowers are actually the yellow clustered buds in the center. The colored parts are modified leaves or bracts that turn color in reaction to the plant forming flowers.
  • December 12th is Poinsettia Day, which marks the death of Dr. Joel Roberts who discovered the poinsettia in Southern Mexico.
  • In Spain the poinsettia is the flower of Easter.
  • In Chile and Peru, the poinsettia is called the “Crown of the Andes.”
  • 84% of Americans prefer red poinsettias while the rest like white or pink.

Origins & Symbolism

“Joel Roberts Poinsett was the first United States Ambassador to Mexico being appointed by President John Quincy Adams in the 1820’s. At the time of his appointment, Mexico was involved in a civil war. Because of his interest in botany he introduced the American elm into Mexico. During his stay in Mexico he wandered the countryside looking for new plant species. In 1828 he found a beautiful shrub with large red flowers growing next to a road. He took cuttings from teh plant and brought them back to his greenhouse in Southern Carolina. Even though Poinsett had an outstanding career as a United States Congressman and as an ambassador he will always be remembered for introducing the poinsettia into the United States.” The Poinsettia Pages


Poinsettias come in white, pink, speckled, burgundy, marbled and the traditional ruby red. There are more than 100 varieties of poinsettias available today.

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