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Flower Spotlight: Protea

Not many flowers are lucky enough to survive the changing times of our planet. Proteas are not only ancient but beautiful and truly one of a kind. Want to learn more about this exotic beauty? Keep on reading!


Proteas have existed for more than 300 million years! It is believed that the flower originated in the supercontinent Gondwana, way before the continental drift happened. Just think about it for a minute. This exotic bloom existed even before the Jurassic period. What?! Everytime you look at a protea, think about the history it represents, for a moment you’re having a quick look at Earth’s past.


Protea derives from the name Proteus, the son of the Greek God Poseidon. Proteus was known to be a shapeshifter and because of this ability, it was thought appropriate to name the flower after him. The variety of colors, shapes, and size of the flower is a perfect representation of those shapeshifting abilities.

Color Meanings

Yellow: Friendship

Orange: Happiness

Red: Love

Pink: Femininity

Green: Good Fortune

White: Purity

Did You Know?

The King Protea is not only the most popular flower in the Proteaceae family but also the national flower of South Africa. Its shape and stunning looking petals resemble a crown.

There are over 1500 species of proteas. Over 850 species can be found in Australia and 330 in South Africa.

When dry, the flower does not lose its petals, which allows it to keep its form and create beautiful and unique dried floral pieces.


Sugarbushes, another name for Proteas, are the perfect addition to flower bouquets for weddings and everyday arrangements. They are more on the exotic side, so, if you are looking to make a lasting impression, definitely have one of these beauties in your next floral pick. This flower is definitely one to not easily be forgotten!

Not sure where to get this bloom? Head to your local florist! You’ll be able to not only see the flower in person but receive advice as to how to mix it up with other blooms to better express the message you are trying to send. Go on, #SayItWithFlowers!

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