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Flower Spotlight: Ranunculus

The artistic ranunculus petals are frequently seen gracing bridal bouquets and in stunning wedding reception centerpieces. This high-end flower is gorgeous standing alone or paired with other blooms. With rose like features and unique colors, there is much to admire about the dazzling ranunculus.


The ranunculus originated in Central Asia, made its way to Europe and is now also known as the Buttercup or Coyote’s Eyes. The fairy tale like blooms symbolize radiant charm and beauty. In the Victorian Era, people would give ranunculus as a way of saying, “I’m dazzled by your charms.” This flower is ideal for a new love interest or to tell someone they are highly admired.

Fun Facts

  • Ranunculus naturally grow in a curve and not a straight line unlike most flowers.
  • Ranunculus come in white, yellow, pastel pinks, fiery red, peach and green.
  • The name ranunculus is a combination of two Latin words. Rana, meaning frog and unclusus meaning little. Some assume that ranunculus flowers earned this name because they grew along streams and were as abundant as little frogs in the spring season.
  • Ranunculus have hollow stems, which mean that florists have to be extra careful not to crush or break them.


Ranunculus are at their best from January to May. Some varieties become difficult to obtain in the hot summer months. Their vase life is about 6-10 days.

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