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Flower Spotlight: Rose

The rose has been a classic symbol of love for many years. This bloom has earned the title of the most popular flower in the world. Many countries rely on the rose as a vital source of income. Want to learn more about this amazing bloom? Keep reading!

Origins and Symbolism

The oldest known rose fossil was found in Colorado’s Florissant Fossil Beds and dates back 35 million years. The rose is believed to have originated in Central Asia and then gradually spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The rose was very significant to the Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, Greek and Phoenicians. The Romans would use roses for room decorations, wear them on a string around their neck, and use the petals for confetti at celebrations. The first documented garden cultivation of roses is in China around 5,000 years ago.

Fun Facts

  • In the middle ages, rose petals and oils were added to the baths of the rich and famous.
  • The rose was established as the official flower and floral emblem on the United States in 1986.
  • The Latin word rosa means “love” when used in terms of endearment.
  • Rose bushes can live a very long time. The picture below shows the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany where a rose bush has been growing for over 1,000 years.

Photo courtesy: Appleyard


Today, the rose is the top selling flower for florists across the United States. A rose can be naturally grown in shades of red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and white. Some desired shades like green and blue can be produced with dye. Some florists are even offering tie-dyed roses!

Photo courtesy: Rachel Wilgoren

Each rose color has a unique meaning and even the number of roses sent has symbolism. For example, six roses are used for a sign of infatuation and shows the desire to be with someone. Secret admirers most often choose to send six roses. A white rose is often used in weddings. It represents purity, innocence and charm.

Visit your local florist to order some beautiful roses! If you can’t decide what arrangement to get, ask for advice! The best party of shopping at a local florist is the personalized attention they provide. Order a fresh arrangement with roses for someone you know today!

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