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Flower Spotlight: Sunflower

Sunflowers are a popular flower all around the world! These bright and beautiful blooms bring a ray of sunshine to anyone who receives them. Learn more about their origin and meaning, along with some interesting facts.


Sunflowers originated in North America, and were one of the first crops grown here. They were used as a food source, most commonly by grinding their seeds into a flour that could be used to make bread. In addition to making food with sunflowers, they were also used to create a purple dye, and for medical remedies.


  • Its name comes from the fact that it constantly repositions its face to the sun. Its genus, Helianthus, literally translates from Greek to “sun flower.”
  • Sunflowers are the national flower of Russia and the state flower of Kansas.
  • The head of the sunflower actually consists of 1,000 or more tiny, individual flowers joined together.

Color Meanings

Though yellow is the most common color for sunflowers, they are also available in shades of orange and red. These colors are a sign of strength and positivity. Typical yellow sunflowers are a symbol of adoration and loyalty, as well as long life and good fortune. However, pairing them with other flower colors can change their meaning.

When paired with cream or white- Innocence
When paired with brown or burgundy- Loyalty and support


Choose sunflowers for your next arrangement! They’ll be a hit no matter who you choose to send them to. Order from your local florist today.


  1. Florist Charlotte says:

    I personally love sunflower! nice post Jeffrey

  2. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Aren’t they gorgeous? Thanks so much!

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