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Flower Spotlight: The Rose

You’re probably familiar with the red rose as it’s one of the most popular and most recognizable flowers in the world. It’s used as a symbol of passionate love and given as a precursor to countless first dates, by husbands to angry wives and as a staple gift for Valentine’s Day, but red is not the only color nor is passionate love the only meaning a rose possesses.

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Rose Colors and Meanings

  • Red Rose – Romantic love. As a gift, they tell the receiver “I love you,” and “I desire you,” but they also stand for beauty and perfection. With those inherent meanings, it’s no wonder that this color rose is the perfect gift for a lover.
  • Dark Red Rose – This color means unconscious beauty. It also means that the giver is ready for a commitment. A bouquet of these flowers should come with a ring.
  • Pink Rose – A symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is commonly given as an expression of admiration, appreciation or joyfulness. These flowers are much less serious a gift than their red counterparts.
  • Yellow Rose – This flower elicits the feelings of joy, friendship, warmth and happiness. Perfect for a close companion.
  • Lavender Rose – A gift that means enchantment and love at first sight. In many ways, the lavender rose is as appropriate for Valentine’s Day and lovers as its red sibling.
  • Orange RoseĀ – Another perfect rose for your lover, the orange rose symbolizes desire, passion, excitement and enthusiasm.
  • White RoseĀ – Often used for marriages and new beginnings, the white rose stands for purity, innocence, honor and reverence.

The rose, like all flowers, is multi-faceted in meaning. Flowers are a language all their own, and one can tell any story they choose with a handful of the right blooms. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just buy the standard rose merely because it’s traditional. Contact your local florist and buy the rose that expresses your feelings most completely.

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