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Flowering Up Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Don’t Know What to Give on Valentine’s Day? Your Florist Has the Answer!

Valentine’s Day draws a blank in many people’s minds. Be creative! Don’t be cliché! Be romantic! Make it memorable! Before you know it, February 14th is around the corner and you have nothing prepared! Time to call your local florist.

How Your Florist Can Help

Valentines Day Tulips With FernsA florist can help you create a custom creation, inspire you with new Valentine’s Day gift ideas, or steer you toward the ideal, customized gift for your loved one! Whether your special someone is eight or eighty, your local florist has the perfect gift!

Dim the lights, light a few candles, and bring a dozen roses for the perfect romantic evening. The rich, heavenly smell and the deep scarlet red of the roses ooze romance. It’s nearly impossible to envision a traditional, romantic Valentine’s Day without presenting your loved one with a gift that has been a symbol of love throughout the ages.

Don’t Forget Your BFFs on Valentines Day

If your love for someone is more like Lucy and Ethel and less like Romeo and Juliet, yellow roses signify friendship. Also, any cheery bouquet of a favorite flower will bring a smile to face of a dear friend. Daisies, tulips, and lilies are bright, sunny blooms that will show your best pal they are special to you. You and your florist can team up and bring a smile to the face of a friend who is always there to return the favor!

Going Above & Beyond

If a bouquet alone doesn’t seem like enough, then it’s time to get creative! It’s as simple as taking your loved one’s interests and incorporating them into a spectacular personalized gift! For example, if your other half is loves food, ask your florist to incorporate gourmet treats such as Valentine cookies into the arrangement or create a gift basket to make a gift to treat all the senses! The delightful smell of flowers, the dazzling arrangement, the mouth watering delicacies, and the proof that you took the time and effort to create something so unique will mean the world to your Valentine.

Send A Gift That Shows Their Interests

Florists can incorporate almost any interest into a Valentine’s Day arrangement. Most florists have already designed arrangements and gift baskets complete with stuffed animals, candy, and balloons. They can also take into consideration a favorite color or flower and create a spectacular bouquet to match! However, sometimes it takes going that extra mile for someone when you want to make a Valentine’s Day gift to remember.

Dating a musician? There are numerous musical touches your florist can add to personalize your arrangement. Sheet music, decorative music notes, and replicas of their preferred instrument are all available and easily incorporated to create a song in the heart of your most beloved musician! It’s little touches such as these that transform the traditional into something truly extraordinary!

Proposing? Your florist can also slip in a ring box, a special photo, a darling teddy bear, or whatever gift you have in mind. Everything looks better surrounded by professionally arranged flowers! A teddy bear can hold tickets to a play, a love note, or a balloon. Imagine your loved one sitting at work on the 14th and receiving an adorable bear holding two tickets to her favorite play!

Gift Ideas Keep Love Blossoming

Valentines Day BalloonBalloons are another great option to send to your partner at work, a child at school, or anyone else who you think deserves something fun and festive for their Valentine’s Day! Young or old, a jolly balloon will make their day! Your florist is stocked with balloons ranging in colors and messages. Everything from the saccharine to the silly can be sent to your loved ones via your favorite florist!

Married or single, going out or dateless, young or old, Valentine’s Day can be wonderful for everyone! No matter the budget or the message, your florist can create something truly exceptional for the people in your life you care about the most! Send a little love to those who make your heart skip a beat everyday!

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