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Flower and Wine Pairing: The New Meaning Of Stemware

I may discuss the fragrant bouquet of the wine with my sommelier, but the conversation rarely turns to the fragrant bouquet of flowers adorning the table. This is where I’ve missed the mark on the latest trend in gift giving. To keep you from making the same mistake, I’ve decided to pass on this interesting news to you.

Whether a pinot noir fan or a sauvignon connoisseur, there is a particular flower that enhances the sensual qualities enjoyed with a glass of wine. The characteristics of flowers such as the lily, bird of paradise, and orchid so naturally complement the characteristics of fine wines that it seems almost silly to have not made this comparison before. The Texas Department of Agriculture matched several popular flowers native to Texas with the 14 most popular types of wine. Known as the Two Texas Treasures campaign–the name boasting both products with their rich bouquets–members of the Texas State Florists Association were able to sample the pairings at a wine-tasting reception as part of the Texas State Florists Association Convention this year.

Whether you reside in the Lone Star state or elsewhere, pairing fragrant flowers with wine is a can’t-miss gift idea that everyone will love. Find your favorite wine or flower and its excellent partner below. Or if your favorite isn’t on the list, find a wine and flower pairing on the list below that is similar to your favorite and voila! The perfect personalized gift.

Wine and cheese or chocolate parties are always entertaining times for adults to gather. Bring something extra special this time by sending a gift of flowers to the host and hostess. Arriving with the wine that compliments these flowers allows each guest to tickle even more senses during the party.

Wine and flowers are a romantic gift that rarely miss during a special anniversary or birthday celebration. Show your connoisseur sweetheart that you are paying attention by preparing a special meal, presenting him or her with a special bottle of wine, and seating them at the table decorated with a floral centerpiece that brings the wine—and the romantic ambiance—to life.

  • Champagne—Bubbles dance across your tongue while yellow roses add visual appeal.
  • Syrah—The classic African violet dazzles traditionalists who enjoy a good Syrah.
  • Sauvignon Blanc—Whites with whites. The lily beautifully meets this rule.
  • Zinfandel—Azaleas are the understated but tasteful and sweet addition to Zinfandel.
  • Blanc du Bois—The brilliance is at the end just as with the bird of paradise.
  • Pinot Noir—Worth every bit of effort, cacti pair well with Pinot Noir.
  • Chenin Blanc—The center of attention is both the Chenin Blanc and gerbera daisies.
  • Orange Muscat—Orchids and Orange Muscat. Two bold looks, one great pair.
  • Chardonnay—Light and vibrant chrysanthemums help Chardonnay shine.
  • Merlot—Like Merlot wines, amaryllis finish well and excite the senses.
  • Viognier—Bright and pleasing just like the sunflower.
  • Gewurtztraminer—Try full-bodied hydrangeas for a full bodied wine.
  • Cabernet—Red Texas roses stand out among the rest as does the popular Cabernet.
  • Port—Poinsettias beautifully complement the deep red of this sturdy wine

Contact your local florist today for a bouquet of flowers to compliment the bouquet of your favorite wine.

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