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Flowers Are the Environment

As Olympians were awarded their medals on the prestigious Olympic podium, many people noticed that they were not receiving flowers as usual but a small statue instead. A Rio 2016 spokesperson stated that the change was a part of the committee’s bigger mission to limit the environmental damage from the 2016 games, claiming that flowers are not environmentally responsible. This statement angered many organic flower farmers and florists around the world who strive to always sell environmentally friendly flowers.

Many people were confused by this decision and turned to social media to voice their opinion.

While the goal of making the games eco-friendly is well-intended, many believe that the committee missed a large opportunity to shed light on the importance of environmentally friendly flowers and the growing field to vase movement in the floral industry.

“You’ll hear many different terms regarding a flower’s environmental and social impact. “Organic,” “Sustainably grown,” “environmentally friendly,” “worker-friendly,” “socially responsible,” “green.” Each flower certification program has its own standards – some addressing the environmental impact of the production (such as pesticide use and water conservation), some addressing the social impact of the production (such as working conditions and wages), some addressing flower quality standards (such as cold-chain management), and others addressing all of these aspects. There are fees that companies must pay for most certification processes, in addition to any corrective measures to meet the particular standards.”

Source: https://www.floristsreview.com/main/june/featurestory.html

“Rather than using toxic chemicals to destroy pests, organic farmers rely on prevention, and also on growing thriving, pest-resistant plants through healthier soil and environment. So organic flower-growers not only reduce the amount of toxic compounds in the biosphere, they actually improve the environment and promote the sustainability of farmland.”

  • Reduces toxic chemical usage.
  • Brings life to the soil.
  • Best for the environment.
  • Safer for farmers and farm workers.
  • Promotes long-term sustainability of farmland.

Source: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/why-organic-flowers.html

“Faced with concerns about our food supply, the materials with which our homes are built and furnished, and the energy sources we consume, more people than ever are asking questions about the environmental impact of everything they use, drive, eat and even wear.” Debra Prinzing and David Perry made this statement about our society in their book The 50 Mile Bouquet.

During this time of questioning and discovery it’s important to promote the positive impact that environmentally friendly flowers has on our world. Flowers should not be devalued by the false notion that they are unsafe for the environment.

Share this article and educate those around you about the efforts of florists and organic flower growers to produce safe and green flowers!

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