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Nay-saying Critics Are Wrong – Flowers Make The Best Gift

Have you ever seen the commercial that makes fun of bad Christmas gifts? It shows bad sweaters and a few other gift items, but not flowers. After watching it, I realized that flowers are the one gift that people don’t make fun of, roll their eye at, re-gift or exchange.

Critic: But Flowers Don’t Last Forever…

Spring Green FlowersOh critics will complain that flowers don’t last forever, but that is also the beauty of them. Think about it — you get that tinge of excitement when the flower delivery person hands you the bouquet. You spend several days enjoying the scent and sight of the lovely flowers.  And,when they are gone you still carry with you the warm and the fond memory of them.

You wouldn’t want a kiss to last forever. What fun would that be?  But the memory — oh the memory — that is the value of the flowers, just as it is with a kiss.

Critic: But Flowers are Frivolous…

Some critics would argue that flowers are frivolous; I feel for these critics. I suspect for them a good meal is frivolous, too.  Life is full of have-tos, stress and sacrifices. We all work hard to provide for our families. Often sacrificing our own wants and desires. So every now and then being a little frivolous is something we should embrace for ourselves and those we love and value.

It is kind of ironic that most people who would never buy flowers for themselves are the very people who are the most excited to receive them? If you don’t believe me, send that self-sacrificing person flowers and watch their expression when the delivery person arrives with the flowers. If you can’t be there, have the delivery person take their picture with the the flowers. I have never delivered flowers that weren’t followed by a smile, even a subtle one.

Critic: But Flowers Are For Girls…

Some critics may agree that flowers are good for chicks, but not for real men. Really? And real men don’t like manicures, pedicures and facials, as well as an a sundry of others girlie things? The issue here isn’t that guys don’t want flowers, they just don’t want anyone to know they like flowers. I know this because one Valentine’s Day at our garden center, one of the guys received flowers from his girlfriend. All of the others guys teased him. Although he was slightly embarrassed, he made sure the flowers were put some where safe until he went home.  I also over heard him say, “Yeah at least my girlfriend cares enough to send me flowers — what did you get?”. What guys don’t realize is they look more manly if they are not afraid to admit they like flowers.

So my take-a-aways from this whole thought process are the critics are wrong and your can’t make fun of flowers as a gift. Why? Because Flowers are the one-size fits all, great for every occasion gift.

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