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Bright Hues Cure Winter Blues

Beat The Winter Blues With Colorful Flowers!

Lack energy? Feeling unmotivated? Sounds like you have a case of the Winter Blues! The winter blues tends to get everyone this time of year. With the short, gray days, frigid cold weather, and lack of flowers outside, it’s easy to fall into a slump.

But wait, there’s a cure!

The best and only way to remedy the winter blues is with bright hues! Don’t believe me? Check out this quote from one of our favorite 2010 articles, Our Get Well Flowers Have Healing Powers:

What exactly is this flower energy?

Light is a nutrient to living things, just like food. Our bodies need light (the sunshine vitamin), just like plants need sunshine to grow. Well, we all know light is energy, but did you know color is light? That’s right! Color is simply light vibrating at different frequencies. So, if light is energy, and color is light, than that means color = energy!

There is growing evidence that humans respond, both physiologically, mentally and emotionally to different colors. Simply seeing these different colors can be therapeutic, also known as chromotherapy.

As you can see, color really can help, especially against the winter blues. And what’s the best way to add some color to your routine? Why, flowers of course!! Have a big bouquet of beautifully colored blooms delivered to your home, office or anywhere you are going to be spending most of your time.

Flower Shop Network is an advocate of all local florists. If you order flowers to beat the winter blues, always always always order from a real local florist!! If you don’t know your local florist, use our handy florist finder to find yours today!

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