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How Flowers Can Make This Her Favorite Anniversary Yet

Flowers are very traditional gifts for anniversaries. However, it’s easy to become jaded to the same gift after several years or even a few other small anniversaries. Flowers are one of those tried-and-true gifts that always please, but even they can use an edgy pick me up sometimes. Here’s a great idea for making this year’s gift of anniversary flowers her favorite yet!

Do you know her favorite flower yet?

If you answered “no,” now’s the time to ask! This year learn her favorite flower. Plant a small garden or window box from seed or bulb. I would totally flip if my honey did this for me. It shows effort because the person planting the seed has to discover the type of flower, get all of the products, plant the flowers, then surprise me with it. Wow!

It gets better.

This is where flower delivery from a local florist comes in handy. Have your florist deliver an arrangement of the same type of flower. This is a great gift because it gives her something to enjoy that she already loves until she’s able to reap the fruits of your labor.

The card is the fun part. There are a couple ways to give a unique card if you use a packet of seeds when planting the flowers. You could ask your florist to slip the enclosure card into the empty packet of seeds. Another idea is to put the packet inside of a standard greeting card. Both the card (greeting or enclosure) and the packet become mementos for the recipient. How sweet!

All of the seemingly laborious effort put into this idea makes it easy for your sweetheart to appreciate this gift. Plus, it’s a win-win for you because you get to team up with your local florist so it’s not that much work at all. I know you’ll love this idea. Let me know how it turns out! Happy Anniversary!

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