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Flowers For A Cancer Survivor

Ask The Expert: Can you tell me what kind of flowers you would send to someone who has had a tough battle with cancer and won. Pat


Flowers of any kind are appropriate for someone who has beat the odds, especially brightly colored flowers.

Rather than a general symbol of their achievement, send flowers that convey a very special and personal message. To add personal sentiment, you could send a flower that embodies the character of the survivor or your feelings about the cancer survivor.

Daffodils are often associated with the American Cancer Society – Daffodil Days are one of their fund-raising projects. It is very interesting that Daffodils are the American Cancer Society flower. After all daffodils are one of the first flowers to emerge after a long dreary winter. In a way surviving cancer must feel like a Daffodil emerging after a bleak winter. You see the storm coming (the announcement that you have cancer); you brace yourself for uncertain time ahead (treatments and tests using your inner strength to make it through); you emerge into the daylight with a sense of victory (confirmation of your survival). When you think of it in those terms a vase of daffodils is a very appropriate gift for someone who has survived any type of cancer.

If the person has survived breast cancer, pink flowers of any kind would be appropriate. The color pink is often associated with breast cancer and it’s survivors.

There are other ways to personalize your message with flowers. For example you could sending flowers based on their flower meaning:

  • Bird of Paradise = joyfulness
  • Cactus = endurance
  • Red Carnations = admiration
  • Echinacea = strength
  • Gerbera Daisy = purity & strength
  • Lavender Heather = admiration
  • Palm Leaves = victory

You could send them singularly or in combinations. Keep in mind Catcus and Echinacea will most likely be potted plants and not cut flowers. My recommendation would be to tell your local florist; about the cancer survivor and let them help you select the right flowers to express your thoughts.

If you feel like they best represent the cancer survivor, you can always order daffodils. Of course for breast cancer survivors, I would order hot pink gerberas in a vase. These remind me of my Aunt Cathy who is a breast cancer survivor and very lively.


  1. Susanne Peeks says:

    Once you choose hope, anything’s achievable.