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What Flowers Are Good For A July Anniversary?

"Fall Flirtations" July Anniversary Flowers

"Fall Flirtations" July Anniversary Flowers

Escape the traditional. While roses are pretty, there are a lot of ways to make it unique and special. A dozen roses? Sweet but doesn’t quite cut it. First, consider her favorite flowers. Does she like daisies? Is she more of a premium flower person (stargazer lilies, tulips, roses, etc)? This will help you narrow down the options to discuss with your florist.

If you’re not completely sure what she likes, contact your local florist. Some guys can find out her favorite flower in really covert ways. Others aren’t so sneaky. If subterfuge isn’t on your resume, go to your local florist instead. They’re awesome with figuring out what’s best for YOUR sweetheart.

Next, consider that it’s July. Summer flowers are in full bloom. Not really sure which flowers are summer flowers? Examples of summer flowers are amaranthus, aster, carnations (year-round bloomers), gladiolus, freesia, heather, hydrangea and iris. Your local florist will know which flowers are readily available and which are available at a premium price. All you have to do is ask!

As important as the type of flowers is the style of anniversary flowers you choose. Your sweetheart has a very unique personality which is why it’s important to discuss this with your local florist. If your sweetie is a modern woman with contemporary taste, opt for contemporary anniversary flowers arranged using the latest trendy design techniques. If she is traditional and simple, go with the flow. Opt for anniversary flowers of a more traditional nature.

Once you’ve figured out the style she’ll like and the type of flowers, you’re ready to talk to your local florist! Even if this information escapes you, there is no better place to turn for help. Anniversary flowers are special just like your relationship so make it a big deal with help from your local florist!

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