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For the Love of Floral Design

Floral design day takes place each year on February 28th. It is a day dedicated to floral design as an art form. To celebrate this year, we are bringing you some tips to help create your own floral artwork!

Call your Local Florist

Afraid you won’t be able to find any flowers? Think again! Head to your local florist and ask if you can buy individual stems of flowers. They can probably even help you choose which flowers will work best together.

Think Outside the Vase

Flowers look beautiful displayed in a vase, but that’s not the only way to show off your design skills! One of the greatest things about floral design is you can use many different mediums for your arrangement. An antique watering can or glass milk bottle can help make your design even more unique!

Design a Mini GardenĀ 

Creating a miniature flower garden can be simple, and will let you enjoy your floral design for a long while. This is a great idea if you live in a small apartment or home. You can use a large flower pot and create a samll design space with succulents and moss roses (Portulaca), or create a small tower or tiered garden to plant petunias or your favorite flowers.

Don’t feel up to doing the designing yourself? Here are some other great ways to celebrate!

  • Send flowers to your loved ones.
  • Visit some local flower shops and ask the floral designer if you can observe some of their work.
  • Show your florist some appreciation by sending them flowers or taking them to lunch.
  • Buy some flower arrangements to donate to a local hospital, school, or long term care facility.

Most importantly, go out and enjoy the beauty of floral design! Not sure where your nearist florist is located? Click the button below! Want to learn more about Floral Design Day? Click here.

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