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Tips For Keeping Christmas Flowers Fresher, Longer!

Keeping Christmas Flowers Fresh

So, you’ve got your beautiful holiday centerpiece, maybe a gorgeous Christmas flower arrangement or a lovely red poinsettia, but now what? With a little extra care, you can keep your holiday flowers all the way to New Years!

For Christmas Arrangements & Centerpieces

  • Christmas FlowersKeep flowers watered. The water level of your arrangement needs to be high enough to cover all stems. If your flowers came in a tray with foam, keep the water topped off.
  • It’s important to add fresh water every day.
  • Carefully remove any wilted or dead leaves from the arrangement. Make sure there is no foliage dipping down into the water.
  • It’s time to change the water if it gets cloudy!
  • When changing water, re-cut stems with a sharp knife at a 45° angle before adding new flowers. This will help them absorb more nutrients.
  • If your florist provided you with floral preservative, use according to directions when changing your flower arrangement’s water.

Caring For Your Poinsettia

Keeping the soil moist, but not soggy, is essential when caring for poinsettias. This can be accomplished by watering it thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch. Make sure the container has drain holes. It is imperative to remove any excess water from the saucer.

Poinsettia Plant CarePoinsettias do best in high humidity with a temperature range of 60 degrees at night and 72 degrees during the day. Avoid exposing poinsettias to temperature swings from cold drafts, heating vents or doorways. Poinsettias need approximately six hours of indirect light. Do not fertilize when the plant is blooming.  – From 2007’s Legend of the Poinsettia

What Causes Poinsettia Problems

  • Temperature swings
  • Over-watering
  • Under-watering
  • Over exposure and lack of light will cause stress to the poinsettia.
  • Stress of any type will cause the bracts to have a shorter life.

Poinsettia care if done properly will keep your plant healthy for a long time.

By following these tips, you can keep your holiday flowers lasting well into the New Year!

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