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Florist Friday Recap 5/5 – 5/11: Spring Colors

So many great things going on… what a week for florists! You’ve got prom, graduation and Mother’s Day on top of all the other daily occasions to send flowers. Let’s take a look at the beautiful pictures of flowers posted on our Facebook page this week by florists all across the country!

Swannanoa Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Froggy Mother's Day Flowers
Swannanoa Garden-themed Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Mother's Day Flowers Swannanoa Lady Bug Mother's Day Flowers

All 5 above by Swannanoa Flower Shop in Swannanoa, NC.

Lots of great styles for Mother’s Day gifts!

Crossroads Florist Mother's Day Display Crossroads Florist Bright Blue Wedding Flowers

Beautiful designs above by Crossroads Florist, Mahwah NJ

“Moms come in all sizes, shapes and colors,
They all deserve their special day,
Because without them we would not be…..
Happy Mother’s Day”


“Turquoise, blue & purple, perfect together! As fun as it is beautiful!”

Funeral Flowers by Flower Patch & More, Bolivar MO

Stunning funeral flowers by The Flower Patch & More, Bolivar MO

“One of our personal favorites to create…”

Sugar Sweet 16 by Natures Corner Florist, Anderson SC

Sugar Sweet 16 Corsage by Nature’s Corner Florist, Anderson SC

“..Had a request for a Sweet 16 corsage with pink flowers and SIXTEEN sugar cubes… Needless to say, we were sort of concerned about the sheer size (amongst other things). We did, however, find miniature sugar cubes and opted for a smaller-gauged bullion wire (rather than chunky chenille stems) and it turned out to be quite lovely, really. Is this something that other florists are accustomed to making? 3 generations of flower shop family here.. and we’ve never heard of such a thing. The customer was from Florida.”

The Petal Patch, McFarland WI Boutonnieres by The Petal Patch, McFarland WI

Wedding flowers by The Petal Patch, McFarland WI

“Wanted to share a couple of my favorite “arrangements” this week! I am in love with these flowers! I am in flower heaven this week making bouquets for a photo shoot.”

What will next week bring? Who knows! Be sure to like us on Facebook for even more beautiful floral designs. If you’re a florist, we want to feature YOUR favorite design of the week right here on Facebook Friday Recap!


  1. joanie friedman says:

    would you sell me sixteen mini sugar cubes as i would like to create a sweet sixteen bouquet for my granddaughter in Pennsylvania. I will be coming up from Florida.

  2. Joanie, we are a network of local florists. You can go to our florist finder and contact a florist in your area that should be able to help you!

  3. Koko Handy says:

    With regards to your Sweet 16 rosebud and sugar cube corsage, your customer might have lived in Florida, but I’ll bet s/he has ties to the northern east coast. I grew up in northern New Jersey and turned 16 in 1964 when sugar cube corsages were all the rage. If you turned 16 on a weekday in HS, you wore one of these beauties to school all day. Another rage was a similar corsage fitted with mini dog biscuits, for either your 15th or 17th birthday – can’t remember which. Your corsage is lovely. It would be a wonderful tradition to start allover again.

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