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Fruit & Veggie Floral Design Trends

Oranges and Cloves used in Floral Design

Using apples, oranges and limes in floral design has become increasingly popular over the past few years, but now florists are finding new and innovative ways to use fruit like never before! At the recent Tennessee State Florist Convention, fruit and veggies in flower arrangements seemed to be a reoccurring trend, let’s take a look…

The best thing about using fruit in flower arrangements is the incredible smell. Check out the above picture of oranges and apples being used. Notice not only are the oranges being used in whole forms, they are also sliced or have been covered in delicious smelling cloves. This adds a bit of spice to the mix.

Orange Clove Arrangement Oranges and Cloves used in Floral Design

How absolutely perfect would this look adorning your Thanksgiving buffet table?

Hedge Apple Texture With Flowers

So, just what is it that draws florists to fruit? Well, the smell for one is fantastic, but also texture is a big part of design. Florists look for textures they can use in anything and everything, and fruit is another available resource for them to use to construct their floral masterpieces.

Take a look at the above picture, do you know what those green fruits are? Hedge apples! While they aren’t readily available, I can see why a florist would actively seek out this fruit with such incredible texture. It’s rough surface is a direct contrast to the delicate petals of flowers, which creates interest, while keeping it all natural.

Kiwi Used In Floral Design

Kiwi Used In a Flower Arrangement

As you can see in the above design, kiwi and artichokes have been used to to add interest and again, texture to this design. However, I think for this particular arrangement, they were chosen because of their direct match to this design’s color scheme. The kiwi’s shiny inside contrasts with the furry, brown outer layer, which is very similar to the over-all theme of the design. The rustic branches and brown feathers are balanced by the shiny-smoothness of the large spheres (I think they were Christmas balls.)

Foliage Sphere

This may or may not be fruit underneath, but very well could be an orange. Either way, this is a beautiful trend that can be elegantly used on it’s own, but also to accent a larger floral design.

Fruit Flower Arrangement Fruit in Floral Design

This was another interesting design piece that used all sorts of fruit to achieve it’s designer’s goals. Just imagine this piece if they had used only flowers beneath those calla lilies. Sure, it would probably be beautiful, but I think the simplicity of the calla lily’s green stems would be lost in the overwhelming texture of flower petals below. Instead, this designer used smooth, round fruit, in order to emulate the calla lily stems, while contrasting perfectly to make them really stand out.

Fruit in Floral Design

Fruits used in this arrangement include: apples, grapes, and plums.

Cabbage in Floral Design

While this isn’t exactly fruit, it’s certainly from the garden. Ornamental cabbage is currently a huge favorite among most florists! It’s giant blooms truly are gorgeous. Here, designers have extended the bloom size even more by adding an array of very large leaves.

Do you love using fruits and veggies in your floral designs? We’d love to see! Post your pics in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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