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FSN Customer Service Appreciation Week Employee Cookout

This was customer service appreciation week here at Flower Shop Network. That means our bosses honored all of us for our focus on customer service (and to raise awareness of the importance of customer service). We each received a nice piece of candy every day of the week complete with a small, relevant and pun-tastic saying attached.

And then to top it off, Thursday we had a cookout with all the fixins. Join me on this photo-journey through the delicious options provided and the fun had by all!

Grillin' It Up!

What’s a cookout without burgers and hot dogs on the grill?

Not just chips

It wasn’t just about the meat. Variations on chips and dips made for a delicious combination.

The Fixin's

A few condiments to make that burger tasty.


Tomatoes, onions, lettuce and … potato salad? Why not?

On the Tray

The finished product.

The Beginners

The first of many begin the feast.


Let’s be honest. We all came for the desserts. These cupcakes from a local bakery were going FAST!


Pie, cobbler and whatever you call that delicious mix of peanut butter, chocolate, marshmallows and crust.


Strawberries and whipped topping. Need I say more? And cake. Don’t forget the cake.


Uh oh. This is an explosive mix. Cake, pie AND brownies? The internet might blow up.


And the goodies never stop!

Getting Grill Done

A special thanks to our grill masters, Robbie and Brock!

It was a wonderful meal with some wonderful people. Just one more example of FSN making its employees a priority so they can make you, the customer, their priority. I hope you enjoyed this peak into the FSN offices. Be sure and come back at the end of October for a look at our awesome Halloween shenanigans!

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