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FSN February Newsletter: Feeling the Love

February 13th, 2014 | By: Ed Belly

Valentine's Day

February is a month for fun, family and flowers. From love and relationships on Valentine’s Day to the birth of George Washington on President’s Day, the focus is on celebration. But you don’t have to wait for a holiday to appreciate those you love, and you don’t have to stop loving them once that holiday has passed. It’s a daily undertaking.

And is there a better way to spread happiness than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Don’t allow another day to pass without letting your family and friends feel the love. Contact your local florist today!

Best Reasons to Send Flowers in February

February is the winter month that works so hard to shake the chill and celebrate love. Maybe you have noticed the endless seas of red and pink at local stores or watched as people find little ways to enjoy themselves and help others during a harsh winter. With your help, we can spread the warmth and bring a smile. Here are the reasons you should be sending flowers this month:

#1. Valentine’s Day – Feb 14th – As if you couldn’t see this one coming from a mile away! Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest flower-sending holidays of the entire year. That’s because beautiful fresh-cut flowers are the very best way to say what’s on your mind! Whether it is “I love you!” or “I’m trying my best for you.” or simply “You are special!” – flowers can mean anything you want them to mean. And that special person who got flowers? They won’t forget it.

#2. American Heart Month – The CDC made the natural choice to bring about heart health awareness during the very month we associate with love. Most people know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women but the surprising news is heart disease is preventable and controllable. This is information worth sharing. If you know a loved with who is at risk, sending red-themed flowers for Amercian Heart Month can be a gentle reminder that they can take control of their heart health.

#3. Winter Olympic Games – Feb 7th – 23rd – It is an exciting time in the world of sports as the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia begins! Arrangements featuring the classic blue, yellow, black, green, and red can be custom designed for some 5 ring inspiration. This type of flower creation would be a thoughtful and exciting gift for your avid Olympic follower or, best of all, a bit of encouragement for a young athlete with big dreams. Ask your local florist to get in the spirit of the games today!

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Blog Spotlight Banner

Blog Spotlight: Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co.

Florists are the authority on all things floral. For most it is their passion as well as their job. These men and women overflow with knowledge about flowers and share that information on their websites every day. They describe events they’ve decorated, arrangements they’ve designed and even classes they offer. There’s no end to the information you can glean when reading blogs by local florists.

Because of that fact, the Bloomin’ Blog is choosing the blog of one florist each month to spotlight. If you need floral ideas for a wedding, a party or just for your home, there’s no better place to go than the source, your local florist!

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Facebook Friday: January Favorites

We provide a Friday recap of all the wonderful posts and pictures from active florists on our Facebook Page. It’s been so much fun seeing all the completely different designs every day. We hope you enjoy these favorites and continue through to see more from each Friday this month:

 Special Order from Divine Ideas and Flowers For You in Edinburg, TX

Divine Ideas and Flowers For You, Edingburg, TX

Winning bouquet from Cary's Designs Floral in Spanish Fork, UT

Cary’s Designs Floral, Spanish Fork, UT

Showing off their creativity at Petals in Thyme of Wasaga Beach, ON

Petals in Thyme, Wasaga Beach, ON

A taste of awesome from Helen's Flowers & Gifts in Greenville, OH

Helen’s Flowers & Gifts, Greenville, OH

Wonderland by Tom Kenison AIFD of Crossroads Florist in Mahwah, NJ

Crossroads Florist, Mahwah, NJ

Beautiful sympathy arrangement by Paradise Valley Florist in Scottsdale, AZ

Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, AZ

See all Facebook Recap pictures in these posts:

Lasting Florals Head Piece

Lasting Florals in Vogue!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get your work into Vogue magazine, Deborah Mooney’s path is probably an accurate, if difficult to emulate, blueprint. In essence: be talented, work with talented people and have a heaping helping of good luck!

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FSN Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony

Flower Shop Network just celebrated its annual meeting and awards ceremony! We received a few hours of team-building training, and standouts from our sales staff also received awards for personal achievements. Join me as I show you the faces behind the voices you’ve grown to know and love.

Read more about FSN Annual Meeting and Award Ceremony

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