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FSN Pre-Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off

The Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas is hosting a chili cook-off fundraiser on March 8th of this year. Flower Shop Network is excited to participate, but we only want to present the best possible chili to the contest. In order to find that perfect chili, we decided to hold a pre-chili cook-off chili cook-off. Of course this pre cook-off had nothing to do with a desire to eat delicious chili until we popped. It was all business. You believe that right? Okay, moving on.

The Setup

The cascade of chili. Looking delicious! And nicely laid out. I wonder how it will look after our staff gets their hands on it?

Donation Station

The donation station also doubles as a voting station. Just place your donation in the number of the chili you enjoyed most.

Cursory Deserts

A few desserts to calm the sure-to-come raging mouth flames.

Mood Killer 9000

I hope that photo is not an indicator of the meat type used. Eeesh!

Fire in the Hole

A spicy selection. The probable instigator of those previously mentioned raging mouth flames.

Everything But the Antlers

Oooh, deer chili! Venison is an excellent meat and has an excellent flavor for chili.

Mystery Meat Chili

Mystery Meat Chili? I guess they left their opossum picture at home.

Digging In 2

Bring on the taste-testers!


Looks like they’re enjoying it …

Tray of Goodness

Quenching the raging mouth flames!

The Aftermath

A picture of the chili aftermath. Looks like this chili was demolished!

Donation Station 2

From the look of the donation station, we are going to have a tight race at the top.

The Mission Outreach of Northeast Arkansas is an organization focused on housing the homeless, feeding the hungry and caring for the sick. FSN is proud to join in their fundraising efforts, and our haul for today was $123.03! Yay donations!

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