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Creative & Custom Funeral Flower Trends

First of all, let’s think of the purpose of funeral flowers: to show one’s love, and support for the family and the departed. Flowers comfort and soothe us as we say our final goodbyes, but why stop there? Creative florists everywhere are using funeral flowers to construct personalized tributes to fallen friends.

What Kind of Personalized Funeral Flowers Are Available?

The limit is your imagination. Consider your lost friend and the biggest loves in their life. Perhaps they were an avid fisherman, loved bowling, or were closely involved in an organization. Use their favorite hobbies, passions and accomplishments as inspiration for their final tributes. Funeral flower tributes spark wonderful memories of times past, and lift the mood with stories and laughter about time spent together.

How Do I Purchase Custom Flowers For Funerals?

That’s easy! First, find a local florist in your area, or in the location of the funeral. Flower Shop Network makes it easy with our real, local florist directory. Click below to find local florists in any city in the US & Canada.

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Next, call your florist directly and discuss your ideas for the funeral tribute. Explain their favorite hobbies or affiliations, and let them know their favorite colors and styles. If you have something specific in mind, find a picture of it or something in a similar style. Send that to your florist to make sure they can create exactly what you’re wanting.

(Let FSNfuneralhomes.com help you find a funeral home.)

Funeral Flower Pictures Inspiration

Here are pictures of unique funeral flowers from local florists all across the US.

Hobby – Themed Funeral Flower Photos

Pilot Funeral Flowers - By A Local Florist

Airplane Funeral Flowers
“A funeral design, for a pilot about 5 years ago.
Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, GA

Gardening Funeral Flowers - For Gardeners

Gardening Funeral Flowers
For an avid gardener. I got complimentary calls from the family, the minister (who had never seen anything so beautiful) and the funeral home on this one. :)”
The Petal Patch, McFarland, WI

Garden/Gardener Funeral Flowers

Gardener Funeral Flowers
We actually made this for the funeral of a dear friend and floral mentor of ours as our tribute. :-)
Charlotte’s Flowers, Cresson PA

Guitar Themed Funeral Flowers

Guitar Funeral Flowers
“We get requests for things like this quite regularly; they were nearly unheard of a few years ago.”
Charlotte’s Flowers, Cresson PA

Motorcycle Funeral Flowers

Motorcycle Funeral Flowers
“Country Express sympathy design — We do a lot of unusual designs!”
Country Express, Denham Springs LA

Hobby Funeral Flowers

Hobby Funeral Flowers
Personalized funeral piece.”
Charlotte’s Flowers, Cresson PA

Affiliations & Logo Funeral Flowers

Police Funeral Flowers

Deputy Funeral Flowers
“Our local Sheriff’s Dept. ordered this for a retired deputy–the 7 pointed star was a bit difficult, but we’re always ready for a challenge.”
Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, GA

Sheriff Funeral Flowers

Sheriff Funeral Flowers
“This was for a Polk Sheriff Deputy”
Hand Picked Florist in Winter Haven FL

Mason Funeral Flowers

Mason Funeral Flowers
“All custom shapes created in house.”
Hand Picked Florist in Winter Haven FL

Nature Lovers Funeral Flowers

Deer In A Nature Lovers Funeral Tribute

Nature in Funeral Flowers
For a hunter- the urn was to be placed on the right of the deer.
The Petal Patch, McFarland, WI

Nature Memories Funeral Flowers

Nature Memories Funeral Flowers
Woodland Floor
The Petal Patch, McFarland, WI

Fisherman Funeral Flowers

Angler Funeral Flowers
“All custom shapes created in house.”
Hand Picked Florist in Winter Haven FL

Deer Funeral Flowers For A Hunter

Deer Funeral Flowers
“We do a lot of funeral pieces that contain deer. This is a pedestal piece.”
John’s Flowers & Gifts, McAlester OK

Western Funeral Flowers

Western Funeral Flowers Spray
“We made a pair of these for a family who owns a big ranch to put on their front doors. Metal horseshoes, stars & lantern with rope & pheasant feathers.”
John’s Flowers & Gifts, McAlester OK

Trout Fisherman Funeral Flowers

Trout Fisherman Funeral Flowers
“We made this casket spray a couple of years ago for a fisherman/ outdoorsman.”
Buds ‘n Bows Flower Shop in Crawford, GA

Hunter Funeral Flowers

Hunters Funeral Flowers Spray
John’s Flowers & Gifts, McAlester OK

Cowboy Funeral Flowers

Cowboy Funeral Flowers
“Grapevine wreath with silk flowers, metal horse & rider and rope. We have a lot of cowboys in this area. Family took it home after funeral and put on their wall.”
John’s Flowers & Gifts, McAlester OK

Cow Farmer Funeral Flowers

Farmer Funeral Tribute
“Local farmers funeral tribute.”
Flower Fashions Inc, Frederick, MD

Art/Photo Frame Funeral Flowers

Photo Funeral Flowers Tribute

Photo Funeral Tribute
“A special photo can be a work of art”
City Florist, Cullman AL

Artist Funeral Flowers

Artists Funeral Flowers Tribute
“It is more fun doing pieces like this; it means more than just another funeral spray.”
MaryJane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ

Artistic Funeral Flowers

Artists Funeral Flowers Tribute
“This was the casket spray.”
MaryJane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ

Sports Fan Funeral Flowers

Football/Sports Funeral Flowers

Football Fan Funeral Flowers
Here’s a tribute for a big fan…
City Florist, Cullman AL

Bowling Sports Funeral Flowers

Bowling Themed Funeral Flowers
“This is one we put together from a bowling league. If you look closely we de-petaled a sunflower and set mini bowling pins on it and there is a little black bowling ball just about to knock ’em down.”
Blossom Shop, Strasburg CO

Sports Funeral Flowers

Sports Team Funeral Flowers
“All custom shapes created in house.”
Hand Picked Florist in Winter Haven FL

Bowling Themed Funeral Flowers

Bowling League Funeral Flowers
“We did this piece for a member of a bowling league from the other members.”
Roddy’s Flowers in Johnson City TN

Unique & Creative Funeral Flowers

Modern Funeral Flowers

Modern Funeral Flowers
“All custom shapes created in house.”
Hand Picked Florist in Winter Haven FL

Bouquet Funeral Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers For Funeral Tribute
“Another piece I like to do instead of the standing spray is this, which looks like a large bouquet of flowers.”
MaryJane’s Flowers & Gifts, Berlin NJ

Angel Statue Funeral Flowers

Angelic Statue Funeral Tribute
This is a resin angel bird feeder that we put a flower arrangement in. Can set on table or pedestal. Great for funerals.
John’s Flowers & Gifts, McAlester OK

Wreath of Funeral Flowers

Wreath of Flowers For Funeral Tribute
“Something ‘unique’ was the request for this one!
The Petal Patch, McFarland WI

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  1. Many nice ideas…..

  2. Had 24 hour notice that the family wanted the back of their Dads Model T filled with flowers…it was a wonderful challenge!

    Attached Image: DSCN4893.jpg

  3. standing spray in the shape of a cross made with grapevine wreaths and fresh flowers

    Attached Image: 065.jpg

  4. Here is a mini mouse made for a little girls funeral

    Attached Image: Minnie Mouse for Danni 12-28-2010 (1).jpg

  5. Lots of creativity!! Love all the wonderful ideas, and really makes the funerals a little more personal to the families.

  6. What a beautiful grapevine wreath.

  7. The Minnie Mouse is sweet. I really love this. Great work!

  8. oh! its so beautiful. I really like it. Its wonderfull.

  9. myra johnson says:

    thanks for posting this creative ideas for a funeral flower arrangement, very nice and beautiful, something memorable for the bereaved family when they use this arrangement

  10. I could definitely see my dad having a bunch of those flower guitars at his funeral. I’ll have to see if the funeral homes in Portland would allow something like that. How long does it take to make a creation like that? I know that most people like to have their funerals within a few days of the death.

  11. A florist can typically create something like this in time for a funeral, however the exact time differs from florist to florist. I would suggest contacting the local florists near Portland to see precisely what to expect. Guitar funeral flowers would make the perfect tribute for a father who loved music.

  12. Posies Flowers says:

    These funeral flower pictures are looking really great and inspirational too. Good luck for the future.

    Attached Image: 722425.jpg

  13. Stacy Singleton says:

    We recently lost the greatest man behind the Carolina Cagers, Dr. William Thomas Dixon Jr …he touched sooooooo many lives & played a major part of my son, Justin’s life after loosing his father 3 years ago. Dr Dixon has been my son’s 2nd dad & the death of him is so hurtful. The funeral arrangements have been made for Thursday, April 30, 2015 in Cheraw, SC. Would you be able to make a wreath of the attachment & have sent to the funeral home. With an response I can be reached via email: snesmithwilliams@yahoo.com or phone 843-898-4091. Thanking you in advance; it would do our souls & his team much if this is possible.

  14. nice article, thanks

  15. greath content!

  16. Do you have a newsletter? If so, do you send out blog posts like these to your list? I would be interested in signing up if you do.

  17. Jeffrey Balch says:

    Hi Emily! Yes, we do have a newsletter. Blogs are included in it every month! You can sign up at the link below. Just choose “FSN Newsletter!”



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