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Gardenia Proclaims Joyous Surprise As Their Flower Meaning

Stuck Inside All Winter? Celebrate Spring With Gardenias!

It’s no secret that being inside all winter can be a bummer. Sometimes winter weather isn’t as fun as it could be. Well, good news! Spring is in full affect now. I’m sure you’re dying to know how I plan on celebrating it. I know I would be if I were you. (Just kidding.) I’m celebrating with gardenias.

Why gardenias you ask? The flower meaning of gardenias is “joy.” Pure and simple. Joy is one of the most wonderful feelings ever. Anyone who has ever felt a second of joy knows that it’s a feeling to be craved and sought. I want to surround myself with joy and joyous people. Now that winter has gone into hibernation and spring has sprung, it’s time to kick off my joyful shoes so I’m buying potted gardenias from my local florist!

Flowering plants are well and good (I love them!!) but sometimes it’s more fun to send flowers to put a spring in the step of a friend. When you want to celebrate spring with your buddies, consider sending flowers such as casablanca lilies. This the meaning of this premium flower is “celebration.” Perfect!! Perhaps you’re wanting something more festive. Believe it or not, “festivity” abounds with baby’s breath. There are many arrangements that incorporate these flowers. It’s easy to get the party started for Spring with arrangements like these from a local florist.

Know the meaning of your favorite flower? Share it below along with why this flower is your favorite. Not really sure what the flower meaning is? Ask away! Simply log in and comment below.

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