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Unusual Garnet Flowers To Match Your Unique Style

Guide To Garnet Flowers

Recently, we did an article about January birthday ideas and suggested sending flowers in the color of the January birthstone, garnet. After thinking about it for a while, there are a ton of great, garnet colored flowers! Garnet flowers can mark special moments in January, like anniversaries, weddings, or other memorable events, but garnet is a wonderful color that really deserves more attention. Use this guide to garnet flowers all year long to accent your favorite occasions!

Garnet is a gemstone that comes in a variety of colors, but it is mostly depicted as reddish-brown to dark reds. They can also be found in orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless.

When creating a color palette for your flower arrangement or wedding bouquet, choose analogous colors to garnet, meaning next to it on the color wheel. These include rusty oranges and dirty greens, even lime green. Garnet also offers a gorgeous complementary color of turquoise which was 2010’s color of the year.

Complement of Garnet

The following guide are a collection of very unique, garnet colored flowers available from your local florists. Of course, there are also dark red roses, carnations, and many other common, cut flowers come in a shades of garnet, but most people know about those! This guide focuses on a garnet flowers you might not think of!

This is a great flower guide for brides looking for unique color palettes and unusual flowers for their wedding.

Brown Cymbidium

Brown Cymbidium Orchids

Brazen butterflies of garnet blooms, these will look fantastic adorning any wedding bouquet. These flowers are tropical meets rustic with their colors and flair.

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 7-14 Days

Chocolate Cosmo

A beautiful, small bloom. This would look great paired with similar colors, or it’s turquoise compliment.

Seasonal Availability: May – November
Vase Life: 4-6 Days

Dark Red Peony

Dark Red Peony

A massive bloom, this diva is sure to be the star of ANY flower arrangement.

Seasonal Availability: May – June
Vase Life: 5-7 Days

Red LA Lily

Dark Red Lily

There are lots of shades of red lilies to match your distinctive style! These are big blooms and available all year!

Seasonal Availability: Year Round
Vase Life: 5-9 Days

Red Kanagroo Paw

Red Kangaroo Paw

This is a very unique garnet accent to any flower arrangement. Kangaroo paw has a very unique furry texture that is a perfect contrast to soft flower petals.

Seasonal Availability: Mar – Nov
Vase Life: 7-14 Days

Red Hypericum Berries

Hypericum Berries

Hypericum berries are another great way to add texture and interest to a flower arrangement.

Seasonal Availability: Mar – Nov
Vase Life: 7-10 Days

Chocolate Sunflower

Chocolate Sunflower

Although it’s not as sunny, this dark red sunflower is a perfect match for our garnet flower guide!

Seasonal Availability: Apr – Dec
Vase Life: 5-10 Days

Burgundy Cockscomb

Red Cockscomb

Red Cockscomb is a beautiful addition to any arrangement. It looks a little weird on it’s own, but together with other flowers, it creates a very unique and interesting texture.

Seasonal Availability: Apr – Nov
Vase Life: 7-14 Days

Red Anthurium

Another uniquely tropical addition to our garnet flower guide, the dark red anthurium is a wonderful flower with a very long vase life.

Seasonal Availability: Apr – Nov
Vase Life: 14-25 Days

Red Protea Pincushion

Red Pincushion

This extraterrestrial-looking flower has grown so much in popularity in the last few years. If you are looking for a unique flower for your wedding bouquet or flower arrangement, this is a good choice!

Seasonal Availability: Jan – May
Vase Life: 7-16 Days

The flowers above are all very unique and florists may not carry them in their day-to-day supplies. If you are interested in using these garnet flowers, be sure to contact your florist in advance for their availability status. You may have to have them special ordered, but it is worth it! We’ve also listed the seasonal availability with each flower, this means they are more easily available during that time, and often cost less.

Here are a few garnet floral designs to get you started:

Modern Garnet Flower Arrangement January Birthday Flowers - Garnet Color Garnet Color Flower Arrangement For January Birthdays

This post was brought to you by local Burlington VT florists.
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