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Our Get Well Flowers Have Healing Powers

For those of you who think there’s no point in sending Get Well flowers — think again! Their beauty alone can uplift us, but it’s the unique energy of each flower that holds the power to truly heal.

What exactly is this flower energy?

Light is a nutrient to living things, just like food. Our bodies need light (the sunshine vitamin), just like plants need sunshine to grow. Well, we all know light is energy, but did you know color is light? That’s right! Color is simply light vibrating at different frequencies. So, if light is energy, and color is light, than that means color = energy!

There is growing evidence that humans respond, both physiologically, mentally and emotionally to different colors. Simply seeing these different colors can be therapeutic, also known as chromotherapy.

Colorful Roses

Color & Energy

Red – feelings of energy and excitement. Raises blood pressure and heart rate, pumps up adrenaline, encourages action and gives a sense of protection. Send Classic Red Roses

Orange – feelings of energy, eagerness and happiness. Energizes nerves, stimulates appetite, and encourages socialization.

Yellow – feelings of warmth. Uplifting, re-activator, activates memory, purifies the body. Send Sunny Yellow Flowers

Green – feelings of harmony, self-control, and relaxation. Relieves tension, lowers blood pressure, helps with nervous conditions, helps alleviate depression.

Blue – feelings of security, calm, soothing. Relaxing, slows respiration and heart rate.

Purple – feelings of spirituality, luxury. Encourages creativity, uplifting, calms the mind and nerves.

Brown – feelings of wholesomeness, dependability. Earthy, invokes sense of order.

White – feelings of purity, peace. Encourages mental clarity and enables fresh beginnings. Send White Tulips

Black – feelings of power, elegance and mystery. Invokes a sense of potential.

Next time you’re sending Get Well flowers, or any kind of flowers, think about this interesting list before making your choice! And make sure you’re florist is a LOCAL florist!


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