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Give a Game of Thrones Themed Arrangement

If you watched the Game of Thrones season 4 premier, (Don’t worry if you have yet to see it, we won’t spoil you here.) you may have spotted some lovely red, white and blue flowers gifted to the Khaleesi. (If you didn’t see it, click this link for a non-spoilery image!) That got us to thinking, what would make a better gift to a fan of the show than giving them an arrangement inspired by that scene for their very own?

Red Protea PincushionBlue RoseWhite Aster

Finding the Right Flowers

I know what you’re thinking, “Put together an arrangement based on some flowers glimpsed for a few brief moments on a tv show? That’s impossible!” but you’d be wrong. In fact, the secret to creating a similar look is in the flowers used. Fortunately for us, our very own Mandy Maxwell used her sharp vision to discover and name those flowers for you. They are:

  • Pincusion Protea – Red
  • Rose – Blue – This does not occur in nature. The rose has to be dyed.
  • ?White Aster? – White – She wasn’t positive on the white flower, but if this isn’t the exact one used, it has a similar look and would work in a pinch!

The Art of Local

Step 2 of this flower theme creation is to walk into a local flower shop and be ready to give your florist some details regarding what you’d like to see. Your local florist is also a local artist, and they are often not only happy but even excited to face a challenge.

Still, this won’t be quite as challenging as it could be. The flowers involved are all very popular blooms and the florist shouldn’t have any trouble getting her hands on some. The biggest hitch you might run into would be the blue roses as they would most likely have to be a special order. But hey, your Game of Thrones fan is worth it, right?

So get ready to “Wow!” that rabid Game of Thrones fan, especially if she’s also a fan of flowers (and really, who isn’t?) No time better than now to head over to your local florist and place that order!

*Blue Rose image taken from 3rdbillion

*White Aster image taken from Power of the Flower


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