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It’s Grandparent’s Day – Celebrate with Personalized Flowers!

Grandparent's Day is September 13th

Grandparent’s Day is the first Sunday following Labor Day, which happens to fall on September 8th in 2013.

Grandparents Day is a day to honor and show respect and love to the seniors in our lives. Through thick and thin, our grandparents stood by us – spoiling us, every moment of the way, and now it’s our turn to spoil them a little!

Bring the whole family together to celebrate and pamper your grandparent’s this September. Treat your grandparent’s to their favorite restaurant, special vacation or family picnic, sentimental gifts and, of course — flowers!

Try these Grandparent’s Day Card Messages!

Grandparents Day FlowersCreate a beautiful flower arrangement for Grandparent’s Day to display in their home. If they have more of a green thumb, give a beautiful flowering houseplant – it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Personalize your gift by adding touches of their personality into the arrangement.

  • Say your grandfather is an avid fisher: include fishing hooks, bait and a miniature fishing rod!
  • If your grandmother loves to knit, add a few knitting needles and yarn to reflect her passion!

Grandparents have always been and always will be a great inspiration and a source of wisdom that will live on for generations to come. So celebrate and enjoy your grandparents, showing them just how much you truly love them!

The History behind the Holiday

Grandparents Day was founded by Marian Mcquade of West Virginia in 1970. It was in 1973 that Governor Arch Moore proclaimed the holiday, and finally in 1978, it was declared a national holiday by Jimmy Carter.

Forget-Me-Nots are the official Grandparent’s Day flower and Grandparent’s Day even has its own song that was officiated in 2004; “A Song For Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill.

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