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Hanukkah is Here! Now, What To Bring To A Hanukkah Party?

Although they may appear to be completely different, Christmas and Hanukkah (also known as Chanukah) have many similarities between the two! So much so Chrismukkah has recently become a popular tradition between interfaith households.

Let’s compare: Both trace their origins back hundreds of years and celebrate great miracles. There is gift giving, wonderful lights, candles, holiday parties, family gatherings, food (Christmas ham or fried kosher yummies), singing (Silent Night or Ma’oz Tzur) and beautiful decorations (blue and white for Hanukkah). Sure, there are still many differences, but over all the two holidays are all about being together and remembering our heritages.

Hanukkah Hostess Gifts

Both Christmas and Hanukkah are celebrated with holiday parties! And both of these are all about bringing friends and family together! If you get invited to a Hanukkah celebration, don’t forget a hostess gift!

Hanukkah Flowers Hanukkah Bouquet Hanukkah Flower Arrangement Blue Hanukkah (Chanukah) Flowers

Beautiful Hanukkah (Chanukah) flower arrangements in blue and white make excellent hostess gifts when attending a Hanukkah party! Plus, in blue and white, you know they will match the hostess’ Hanukkah decorations. Flowers from your local florist make the best Hanukkah gifts because they last for the whole week of festivities. So, while you’re spinning the dreidel and eating latkes, you and your friends can enjoy a gorgeous floral display.

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