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Help Peace Lily On The Down Hill Slide.

Ask the Expert: What can I do to save my sister’s Peace plant?

My sister received a peace plant last November, 2007 as an offering for my mother’s death on the 12th. It was root bound and had to be transplanted into a larger pot so she did just that. I bought a bag of Miracle Grow plant soil which she used along with a larger pot. She pulled the roots apart before she put the plant in the soil.

It was drooping before it was transplanted and it’s still drooping. Drooping more each day. It was transplanted last Sunday.

HELP!!! What can we do to save it?

Carolyn Shane


  1. Carolyn,

    Plants go through transplant shock when they are re-potted. Since your sister’s peace lily was in shock before it was transplanted, the shock will be a slightly greater and the recovery time longer. However, there are a few things we need to check. Make sure that the peace lily is not plant too deep in it’s new container. The original soil level should be the same. In other words, the top of the original root ball should still be the top of the new container and there should not be any extra soil pile on top of it. If this has occurred, lift the peace lily up until the original top is now the soil top of the new container. Also, make sure the plant is moist but not soggy. The new container needs good drainage. Create a humid condition for the peace lily. Place it in a bathroom or kitchen for a naturally humid situation. You can also create humidity by misting the plant every three or four day. Don’t over-water you peace lily. Just because it is drooping doesn’t mean it is thirsty. Check the soil first by sticking your finger down into the soil or by using a moisture meter.

    Once you have followed the tips above, you must take a wait and see approach. The plant needs time to recover. Make sure it is moist and then walk away for about three days – then check the moist and water if needed and repeat the three day wait. After about two weeks your peace lily should be on it’s way to a full recovery.

    Read Peace Lily Plant Care, it has some tips that might be helpful. Good luck!

  2. Ask the Expert: My Peace Lilly is drooping, why?

    When i bought the Peace Lilly it looked healthy and beautiful.The only think the leaves were dirty and it needed to be transplanted into a bigger pot. So I did just that.
    I took the whole plant, and planted into a larger planter and added more soil and watered it with miracle grow food. I didn’t take the roots apart.I cleaned the leaves, with a wet cloth and spray the plant with leaves shine.
    The plant looked healthy and beautiful for a few days. After, it started to look drooping and has been like that ever since. I really want to save the plant. Please help Rosa

    I posted a question very similar to yours this morning, so I am attaching yours to the comment section of that post.

    As I said above all plants will go through transplant shock after they have been re-potted. It is best not to fertilize a plant during times of stress. So, I usually wait under the transplant shock has worn off before I fertilize it. Watering practices are the most important factor for a healthy peace lily. Make sure that the new soil has been thoroughly saturated and that the pot is draining excess water. Like the situation above give it some time. Drooping doesn’t always mean it is thirsty.