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Help! My Peace Lily is Suffering

Ask The Plant Expert:

“I just recently figured out what kind of plant I have; it’s a peace lily. My roommate left it behind when he moved and didn’t give any information. My peace lily has tons of brown and dead leaves. I know that pruning the dead blooms, you cut the stalk at the base of the plant because it will only bloom once. My question is, does the same rule apply to the leaves of the plant? Do I trim the entire stalk or just the dead leaf and if I leave the stalk will it sprout more leaves or just die?”-Amanda

Suffering Peace Lily

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Yes, you should trim all of the stalks off to the base, whether it be a bloom or a leaf. Even the stalks that have been trimmed already could be trimmed back even further. Be sure to cut at an angle.

As for why your peace lily plant is in this shape, carefully read this post on peace lily care for great tips on how to care for your plant. Spathiphyllum Clevelandii is a very hardy plant and should bounce back in no time. I would check your water and light conditions first. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any more questions.


  1. Elsa Villalonga says:

    How much light should I give my peace Lily? I know they like shaded areas, I have check water level but it still keeps dropping and leaves turning yellow and some brown. Help!

  2. Elsa,

    Dropping leaves could be more of a water issue and not a light issues. Make sure the plant can drain off excess water and make sure the soil is moist.

  3. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    My Peace Lily is not growing normal. Small leaves like shrink ed. No flowering either. Water once a week full pot. Climate is Spring like. Drained Pot. Please help

  4. Jamie Woods says:

    What size pot is your peace lily in? Sometimes they will be in a pot that is too large, and the plant will focus on growing roots instead of growing leaves. You may also be overwatering. Check the soil before watering. If it is still pretty moist, wait a day before watering.

  5. peace lily amazon.com and when I received it wasn’t in dirt it was soaking wet when I dirt and water day. Put Miracle Grow with it and it was beautiful when I got it and now the leaves are falling off and it’s different from the one that I have the insides are more stringent looking things than the other one it’s like they sent me a plant that looks good until you receive it and then it dies anyway it has probably about eight lives left and it had like 60 leaves in like 7 flowers and I don’t know what’s wrong and I also have another Peace Lily that’s old and it was next to that my old one and its leaves are also turning dark which that’s never happened before so I don’t know if it’s caught something but I need soap water for bugs or fungus anything else I can do thank you very much I appreciate you

  6. I have a peace Lilly given to me when my mom passed and I’m wanting to keep it alive! My plant had been giving off a sticky substance on my table where it sits and also the leaves I sprayed it with insect disease and mite control on it. It’s not looking good. Please help me

  7. Jeffrey Balch says:

    This sounds like a scale insect infestation. Scale insects excrete a sticky substance called honeydew. A small infestation won’t cause much damage to the plant, and many insecticides are not effective. We recommend spraying down the plant with water and following up with a neem oil spray treatment.