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Holiday Highlight: Administrative Professionals Day

Every April, we celebrate the accomplishments and importance of the people who keep the office running smoothly on Administrative Professionals Day. Keep reading to learn more about the history and the best flowers to send for the occasion!


Originally known as Secretaries Day, the holiday was first celebrated in 1952 in order to recognize the value of secretaries in the workplace. At the time, there was a shortage of secretaries so the holiday was created as a way to encourage women to become secretaries. Since then, the holiday has gone through several name changes in order to be more inclusive of other administrative staff positions. No matter the name, Administrative Professionals Day continues to celebrate and recognize all the hard work that admins do every single day. 

There are a ton of ways to celebrate the administrative professionals in your workplace, but flowers are a perfect way to make them feel special! Here are some of the best flowers you can send for Administrative Professionals Day:

Pink or Peach Roses

You may think of roses as the flower of love, but certain colors can convey a different message! Both pink and peach roses express gratitude. Show your appreciation and admiration for all their hard work with these beautiful colors.

Yellow Lilies

Another popular choice to say “thank you” on Administrative Professionals Day is the yellow lily. These beautiful blooms represent happy and heartfelt gratitude and are appropriate for any situation where you want to show your gratitude. 


Dating back to early Japanese emperors, the use of hydrangeas as a way to show your gratitude has a long history. They’re the perfect way to give your sincere thanks to those who help you out every single day in the workplace.

No matter what you decide to send your admin, make sure to make them feel special on Administrative Professionals Day! Find your local florist today to place your order.

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