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Holiday Highlight: Father’s Day

On the third Sunday of June, there’s an extra-special reason to celebrate Dad! Father’s Day is the perfect time to give dad something he’ll love. Keep reading to learn more about the history and the best gifts for your father.


The first Father’s Day was held by a church in West Virginia to honor the memory of 362 men who had died in a mining accident the year before. The next year, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, WA, tried to establish an official equivalent of Mother’s Day for fathers. She was successful and the country’s first statewide Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910. It slowly spread across the United States and was finally declared a national holiday by Richard Nixon in 1972.


Roses are the official flower of Fathers Day, as selected by Sonora Smart Dodd. (June is also Rose Month, so it’s the perfect time to send them!) There are a ton of colors you can choose from to give to your dad, but on Father’s Day, red roses signify a father who is still living, with white roses representing a father who has passed away. 

Succulents and Houseplants

For the dad with a green thumb, a houseplant is the perfect gift! He’ll be able to enjoy keeping it alive and thriving all year long, all while knowing it came from a special person in his life. A succulent might be a bit easier for him to keep alive and it would make a great addition to his desk, so ask your local florist about sending one for the occasion!

Gift Items

Your local florist likely offers more than just flowers! Check with them to see what other gifts you could send on Father’s Day. Your dad is sure to love something like a gourmet snack basket, wind chimes, or special items they offer only for the holiday. Make sure to check with your florist to see what they can deliver to your dad!

No matter what you send your dad for Father’s Day, he’s sure to love getting a gift from you! Find a local florist and place an order today!

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