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Holiday Highlight: Thanksgiving

Sunflowers with corn cobs and the text "Holiday Highlight: Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we are so excited for family, fun, and food. There’s another F of Thanksgiving we can’t let you forget about though—FLOWERS. They’re perfect to give as a thank-you to your host, or as a centerpiece on your own Thanksgiving table! 


Thanksgiving celebrations have taken place in America since as early as 1607 in Jamestown, VA, but what is widely considered to be the “first” Thanksgiving happened in 1621 when Pilgrims settled in Plymouth. Around 50 people who traveled on the Mayflower gathered with around 90 Native Americans to celebrate their first harvest since arriving in the New World. The tradition continued, and Thanksgiving was made an official holiday in the United States by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, during the Civil War. 

Fall Flowers

As the most celebrated fall holiday, you can’t go wrong with fall flowers for Thanksgiving! Warm tones like oranges, reds, and yellows can adorn your table and add the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving meal. Include sunflowers, chrysanthemums, roses, and more to create a beautiful fall arrangement. Ask your florist to include dried goods like lotus pods, wheat, or grasses to add even more fall vibes!

Family Ties

Thanksgiving is the time to get together and celebrate your family. Keep the family thing going even with your flowers! Hydrangeas, tulips, peonies, and daisies are all seen as symbols of a strong family unit, so they’re perfect for including in your Thanksgiving Day festivities.


No Thanksgiving table is complete without a centerpiece! Lean into Thanksgiving traditions by using a cornucopia for your flowers. For a different mood, add ambience with the addition of candles! No matter what you choose, flowers will transform your Thanksgiving table into something elegant and beautiful. 

We’re thankful for flowers this Thanksgiving! Find a florist now to make your Thanksgiving Day beautiful!

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