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January is Houseplant Appreciation Month!

Houseplant AppreciationLeafy Friends Who Love You

Houseplants are wonderful additions to your home. They add color, life and a touch of nature everyday. They give off oxygen that helps purify your home and they ask for so little care in return. This is the month to give them a little extra love and attention. Now that the holidays have passed, find a moment to check in with your plants and give them some TLC.

Plant Care Tips

  • Make sure your plant is getting enough light! Check to see if leaves are still a nice dark green. Yellowing and dropping leaves can be a sign of not enough light. Also if new leaves are thin and small, you might need to find a new brighter place.
  • Rotate plants that are leaning or growing towards their light source. Increasing the amount of light will stop uneven growth.
  • Trim dead leaves with clean shears or by carefully pinching them off with your fingers.
  • Gently wipe dusty leaves with a soft damp cloth. Don’t use commercial plant shine products as certain types can damage the plant over time.
  • Water plants slowly and thoroughly. Stop when water comes out the drainage holes. If water runs out the holes immediately when watering, there might not be enough soil and too many roots. Time to re-pot!
  • Overwatering is the biggest problem for indoor plants. Use your finger to gauge if you should water plants or not. Stick your finger 2 inches in the dirt of each pot. If it is slightly moist 2 inches down, wait another day or two. If it is completely dry, water away. If you find it is very wet, cut back on watering.
  • It is best to water plants in the morning. Use tepid, or slight warm, water for best results.
  • Add in fertilizer if needed and consider re-potting any plants that need it.

Give The Gift of Green

Share the joy of beautiful indoor plants with a friend or loved one. Even if someone claims they don’t have a “green thumb” there are so many easy-to-care-for plants available at your local florist. Work with a florist directly and they will help you select a wonderful plant that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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