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Houseplants for Modern Design

While many people do not associate plants with modern interior design, you might be surprised how many are available with the sleek and sophisticated look fans of this look crave.
Red-Margined Dracaena - Modern Houseplant
Modern design is generally characterized by simplification of form and creation. We see this daily, from new tech gadgets, to appliances to even modern cars, but mostly we see it in architecture and interior design.

Characteristics of Houseplants for Modern Design

  • Strong lines, especially horizontal or vertical
  • Unified or solid colors
  • Simple; elimination of unnecessary detail or texture
  • Minimal accessories or extra frills, (ribbons, garden picks, etc.)
  • Sharp angles
  • Low profile
  • Airy and open
  • Neutral, subtle color shades

While you may not be able to find all of these characteristics in a single plant, it’s a good list to aim for.Sansevieria - Modern Houseplants

Choosing Containers for Modern Houseplants

  • Metal – Chrome, brass, brushed aluminum, the type depends mainly on the room it will accent
  • Solid, neutral colors
  • Straight or angled strong lines (nothing organic)
  • Height – tall, skinny planters keep designs airy and open
  • Glass – either clear or tinted (no organic lines, think geometric.)
  • Recycled materials – cork, plastic or glass

Modern Houseplant Ideas

  • Dumb Cane - Modern HouseplantsRed-Margined Dracaena – This houseplant has lines and angles galore, and is sure look great in any modern designed interior.
  • Mother-In-Law’s Tongue/Sansevieria – Being a vertical plant, sansevieria is perfect for small, modern interiors.
  • Dumb Cane – It’s uniquely colored leaves makes this plant a bright addition to your contemporary space.
  • Red Princess Philodendron – This beauty of a houseplant has deep, reddish-green leaves that are sure to stand out against light-colored walls.
  • Grass – Simple, yet dramatic. There are many types of grass that can be grown indoors for a boxy, modern look. (Catnip is a great alternative for pet owners!)
  • Rubber Plant – This plant also has dark leaves, but with a very slick and shiny coating.
  • Bromeliad – This tropical, blooming house plant can add color and interest to your space.
  • Orchid – Another blooming houseplant, orchids are available in almost any color and size, and would be suitable for any interior using modern design.

Where to find Modern Houseplants

First place to look is at your local flower shop. They will have the best quality selection in beautiful containers, or might be able to order what you need. Your local garden center or greenhouse is also a good place to check when shopping for houseplants. Just remember, always always always shop local when you can!

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