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How Cold Can A Spath Go?

Ask the Expert: How cold a temperature can a spath stand?

I have had my spathiphyllum in the house and decided to put it out on my front porch. The temperature reached the upper 40’s last night and the leaves are sick looking and very droopy. Have I killed it or will it survive? Saundra


  1. Saundra,

    If you go by the hardiness zone of Peace lilies then the temperature would be a low as 30degrees. However after consulting several spathiphyllum growers, they don’t like to see them go below 55degrees. You also have to consider that this plant was in a much warmer situation before you placed it outside. The shock from going from a warmer area immediately into a colder one will put the plant into severe shock. I would move your plant back into the house. The leaves that are drooping may come back with a warmer climate. Once you have it back in the house keep it moist but not soggy. Over-watering at this point will further stress the plant. In a few days you start to see the plant perk up. Good luck and keep me posted.

    A side note: Peace lilies (spathiphyllum) make great gifts because they are fairly easy to care for.

  2. I was ready to leave for 2 weeks vacation and had a plant sitter. Before I left I watered my peace lilly and found worms. Since I was going to be gone I put it on our balcony that faces west and the balcony has three sides with only the front open. It got cold while I was gone and my sitter thought it needed more water so she overwatered it. I brought it back in the house after I got back and now it leans and the leaves are extremely droppy but are green. I bought a larger pot and new soil and plan on replanting it and will keep it inside. What can I do to revive the plant or did the roots freeze? Please help my sick plant.

    Attached Image: P1121066.jpg

  3. Brandy,

    There is hope. I don’t think the root froze to the point that the peace lily will die. Give it a little time. Water it as you normally would make sure you don’t over water it. Keep it out of drafts but make sure it gets adequate light. Many of leaves will turn brown and will need to be removed. Wait until they start to turn brown before you remove them. Wilted peace lily leaves will often bounce back after a week or two. Look for the formation of new growth. As long as you start to see new grwoth form a few weeks from now you plant will be fine. Do not fertilize your peace lily until it is fully restored to a healthy status. Good luck and keep me posted.

  4. I planted my spath outside in zone 9 in shady spot next to the house. This past winter we had tempertures as low as 18. My spath died back, but now seems healthier than ever I didln’t even cover it up.

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