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How Do I Propagate Lucky Bamboo?

I am an amateur potter that recently started making small pots for displaying Lucky Bamboo Plants. I am interested in learning how to grow my own plants. Do you have any suggestion for obtaining starter plants and how to grow them.


A. W. Spicer


  1. A. W.

    The most popular way to propagate lucky bamboo is from cuttings. You can cut 6″ off the top of the plant to start a new one. Lucky bamboo also will make a babies (these are shoots that spring up on the sides). When the babies are big enough you can cut them off and root them. When I cut my lucky bamboo top off, it produce to new shoots on the original plant. If you need several plants it might take a while. Although I have never come across seed for lucky bamboo, it is my understanding that they can be started from seed. However, usually if the plant is started from cutting it is because the seed is unreliable or very slow to start.

  2. A W SPICER says:

    I have cut several bamboo plants that I purchased at Home Depot into
    pieces about 6″ long. The bottom part was coated with a root hormone
    and they are now standing in a rock and water bed.

    Let’s hope good fortune is with these plants.


  3. I will like to know if anyone has different ways of planting there lucky bamboo plants. I have 3 in 3 different pots with pebbles and water, and would like to put them together in a pot . I don’t know if I should put them in soil, or how to arrange them to look nice.

  4. Gloria,

    You can pot the lucky bamboo in a pot together. Make sure the pot is 2″ larger than the stalk group. I would continue using the water method since that is how they are now. When arranging the Select the largest stalk as the focal point. Arrange the smaller stalks as a highlight to the larger stalks. Don’t over think the arranging — if it looks good to you then the arrangement is fine.
    Use the pebbles to hold the lucky bamboo in place.

    Just a little side note — a pot of 3 to 6 lucky bamboo stalks means happiness.