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Celebrating Sweetest Day

In the United States, on the 3rd Saturday of October, people in particular regions will celebrate Sweetest Day. This year Sweetest Day falls on October 20, 2007. What is Sweetest Day, you may ask? Well that was my question when a co-worker mentioned Sweetest Day to me.

Primarily celebrated in the Great Lakes Region and parts of the Northeast, Sweetest Day was a concept developed in the early 1900’s by several candy manufacturers to promote good will to those less fortunate. Sweetest Day originally began with the distribution of candy (usually boxes of chocolate) to newsboys, the elderly, the under-privilege, shut-ins and orphans.

However, the holiday has evolved as a way to show appreciation to anyone – young, old, male, female, rich or poor. Flowers, candy, chocolates and greeting cards are sent on Sweetest day to recognize all those special people in our lives.

This is a wonderful holiday – pure and simple – show appreciation to the special people in your life. A concept we should live by every day, but often forget. At least we have one day to remind us of the right thing to do.

In fact, there are many people in my life that deserve a Sweetest Day Gift: the nurses and doctors who took care of my arm, the friends who are always there for me, my dog sitter, Mrs. Shirley, my husband and the list could go on. That reminds me. I need to phone my local florist and order a few gift baskets filled with chocolates and other assorted candies.

Who will you show appreciation to this Sweetest Day?

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