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How To Care For A Bromeliad

Ask the Expert: Bromeliad care/literature?

I have a customer who would like some information and literature on how to care for her new Bromeliad plant. Do you have some printable information I could send her or do you have a suggestion of a website that may be helpful?


  1. Bethany says:

    Yes thank you for your response. I will cut off the brown leaves and water it correctly and hopefully it will be okay. Would it help if i send you some pictures of the plants so you could give me any more advice you might have? Thanks in advance!

  2. Bethany,

    You can send me pictures at jadams@flowershopnetwork.com

  3. I recently bought my bromeliad about 4-6 weeks ago. When I bought it, all the leaves were a deep purple. Now they’re turning a deep green. I bought the plant assuming it had yet to flower. There were three wells/plants in the same pot. The plant seemed to do well up until the last couple days. I’ve noticed the outside leaves are turning brown and drying up. There’s also what looks like webs/mould in the soil and the soil has clumps in it. Should I be re-potting it to separate the three plants/Wells? What can I do to prevent the leaves from drying up? I’d attach a photo but I can’t figure out how to.

  4. Jeffrey Balch says:

    With your description of webs in the soil, it sounds to me like your plant could have mealybugs. Bromeliads aren’t prone to pests, but with new plants, they can be a problem. You can remove your infestation by dabbing the bugs with rubbing alcohol and then washing and drying the leaves.

  5. Hi, I just bought this bromeliad but after weeks it turns brown. Can you help me if it can still survive?

  6. Hi Janna! A bromeliad can turn brown if it gets too much sunlight. Try moving it to a different area where it’s not in direct sunlight and see if that helps.

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